Bridging Gaps Seeks to make a difference. Engaging our participants is the best way to understand the impact of our work.

Nikisha Randall

Lives in Eersterust/ Pretoria. She is a supervisor in training and member of the planning team for Bridges Camp. Bridges Camp opens her a space to develop her own skills. 

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“My life was fine before attending Bridges Camp, but after attending Bridges Camp I was more educated and motivated. I felt like I could achieve all my goals and I’m more focused now.” 

Due to Bridges Camp, she is more confident about herself and more motivated to be a better person. In addition, Bridges Camp has presented her with new challenges. 

“Being part of Bridges Camp is amazing. I’m always ready to take on new challenges. I love learning new things as one never stops learning… “

It is important for Nikisha to be welcoming to the new teenagers attending the camp. 

“ I enjoy putting smiles on the participants faces. Sometimes it’s challenging getting a teenager to open up, well it was at the beginning but now it comes natural. It’s wonderful having other teenager’s looking up to me as a leader, a friend, a sister and roll model.”

Nikisha likes the concept of Bridges Camp that teenagers teach other teenagers.

“We as young people know how to connect with others and so it is easier for other young people to learn from us. At Bridges Camp, you can be yourself. We teach you not to judge others and not to be judged by others.”

Friederike Horlacher

Co-founder and treasurer of Bridging Gaps, comes from a suburb of Stuttgart. Growing up in an ordinary middle-class family, so many doors opened automatically for her – during high school, she travelled abroad for several times, finished her high school degree and started her studies in Constance. Bridging Gaps made her realize that this was a highly privileged way of life:
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“Through Bridging Gaps I became more conscious about my privileges. I realized that they are always relative to other people or groups, who don’t have the same privileges or the same access to resources.”

Gaining consciousness about her privileges in society was important for Friederike as she realized that she also has a certain responsibility:

“I realized that my new insight entailed a special responsibility: To be solidaric with other people and their challenges, even if I don’t face those challenges.”

Bridging Gaps gave her space to put her newly raised awareness and the responsibility into action. She is inspired by the people who are involved in Bridging Gaps.

“I met incredibly inspiring people at Bridging Gaps, who put remarkable effort to support others and solidarize with people, who experience discrimination. By doing this, they show me what I can do by myself.”

Her newly raised awareness and the inspiration she gained from other members at Bridging Gaps made her become more courageous.

“I became more brave to stand up for my values, question public opinions and deal with my own racism and work on my behalf. Bridging Gaps did not only show me in which society I want to live – in a free society which is more just and peaceful. It also showed me what kind of person I want to be.”