Bridging Gaps Services

We offer trainings and workshops for businesses that wish to learn more about diversity and change their organisation to be more inclusive. Through our projects and previous research, we have developed a good understanding how prejudices and different forms of discrimination affect businesses and limit the potential of individuals. We are committed to support organisations to create an environment, where everyone feels welcome.

Diversity Workshops

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion have become increasingly important and most organisations are committed to achieve these goals. It is now commonly acknowledged that diverse teams are the only way to achieve real representation as well as competitiveness throughout all sectors. However, these goals can only be achieved if an organisation and all its members are committed and prepared to make a positive contribution.  

Unfortunately, several studies have revealed that many organisations fail to be more inclusive and diversity trainings are largely ineffective. Such disappointing outcomes are mainly due to the fact that many organisations lack a clear understanding of diversity and follow an incomplete, contradictory or unpromising strategy.

  • In our trainings, we unpack the concepts of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and give all participants a chance to share their vision for their organisation. We assist you to identify specific goals to work towards real inclusion within your organisation and translate them into a strategy to achieve real and sustainable change in your organisation.
  • Our workshops are designed to address individuals within organisations because we believe that they can become agents for change. The participants will develop a better understanding for the importance of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within organisations as well as the main obstacles to achieve that. Using innovative activities that encourage experiential learning, the participants will gain a new perspective on these topics and realise how they can change their interpersonal interactions and make a positive contribution on an organisational level.

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You can read more about our previous workshops at the London School of Economics in 2016 / 2017 on the LSE Equity, Diversity und Inclusion Blog