A future free of racism it’s a picture withdrawn from my mind as I fail to agree with the mentality. An optimal image that all beings wish to see manifesting to the physical realm.Many hope this ideal comes to reality. The future is a place giving us the ability to put our dreams, hoping they come to pass.Only countless people want to embark on the journey of giving life to his optimal image, a moment so precious.

Racism it’s a belief that exalts one and oppresses another. Racism it’s like a disease that runs in our veins. Racism it’s like a big hall where u find Mr. Hatred dining with Mrs Superior. It’s a piece of knowledge send to generation by generation.In this day we have more freedom of movement, I now can move to more countries but not all. It’s an achievement for the older generation but for us it’s a veil used to hide the deeper truth.

I was once involved in a programme where teenagers from different parts of the world get the opportunity to come together and engage. During the programme I got a chance to speak with one of the teenagers whom had a different colour of skin from mine and he was playing with a knife. And I asked to see it and he said to me man be careful that knife is sharp it will cut you. The motive behind the words he said is unknown and one might assume that they were said because he cared. One person might also say the words were said because the man taught I wasn’t aware that a knife cuts, that maybe I’m less informed than him.
The Creator is the only man I know who can colonize all beings in all the corners of the earth to change their doctrine into a true doctrine.He is the only man who can erase racism in our veins.

And I quote from Harriet Tubman saying „God’s time is always near.He set the North Star in the heaves; He gave me the strength in my limbs; He meant I should be free.“


A future free of racism it’s a picture withdrawn from my mind as I fail to agree with the mentality.

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