Through all the laughs and the disagree over good topic we had. We have to make a toast . Because this pass few months .. all got us sing . Take us back to the days of December‘ as we had bark moments and experience that i will never exchange for single gold piece.

As we face the first and second encounter between South African and German.
Not knowing or even expecting anything we still found a way to come through to each other cause we were just open to each other and also to learn new things.
As you notice, I kept on using us and we- reason being we are now a family. I have met FRIENDS who have shown me love that made me a true believer in humanity.

Bridges Camp has shape me into the person that I am. The knowledge that i hold today comes from the heart of the camp and is the very reason why the camp must exist.
With this knowledge have i can take on life close eyes.

Bridges Camp and Bridging Gaps is a wonderful experience I wish EVERY one could have!

im Tamelin kiet
Currently 16 year old and im in grade 11 attend Hoërskool Staatspresident C.R.SWART

Since i join Bridges Camp, I gained a lot of confidence – that’s one of the ways i would decribe myself as .. but if it one word, it would definitely be lovingly. 



Let just take moment think about all the good memory we have.

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