Time and Karma
When A bird is alive it it’s ants but when a bird has died ants eat it.
One tree can made into a million matchsticks but only one is need to burn a million trees.
Circumstances can change at any moment in life so don’t devalue or hurt anyone in this life because you may have power today but time is more powerful than you tomorrow.


My name is Brett Veldman the youngest member of the Bridging Gaps youth exchange with 15 years, born on 2003/05/24.

I’m going to tell u more what Bridging Gaps is all about:
So Bridging Gaps is all about overcoming prejudice and preventing racism. It also teaches us about inequality all over the globe. Basically it’s all about making the world a better home for all human beings living in it. I’ve been a part of the Bridging Gaps for 3 years and it’s like a family to me now. We combine the different races from different backgrounds like black, white and coloured to make many people one individual – thats our main job of the Bridging Gaps project. So we are bridging the gap between inequality, racism and prejudice.

Time and Karma

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