When the clock bell rings, the best part of the day is over. Every dark night has a brighter day. A woman can give birth to a child, but only the child can decide to be a boy or a man, so don’t miss your mark.


We come across many challenges in life, but the biggest challenge is to make your own choices. Choices that might or might not make a change, change that people need and seek To you it can just be a stage or time of difference, but to them is an opportunity to grow and find the best way to tomorrow,


(1)What is past: moments that are not existing anymore, and that’s why we should forget about them.

(2)The past is just there for us to compare what we are doing with what was done. A way of expressing a change. Never think of the past because you always want to see tomorrow.

(3)What was done is left in the past, now we need to focus on what will unite us in the future. We wrong people as people wrong us, but that doesn’t mean we have to make them feel how we felt when they wronged us. All we have to do is to show them what they should’ve done instead.


(1)What is change: is making difference, they say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

(2)Multipliers are making a change by doing workshops with the youth around their community, and also spreading their experience about inequality and injustice.

(3)We are trying to lower the rate of inequality and injustice in our communities as youth, so that we can make a big change and enlarge our future. Forget about the past because even god cannot change the past but we can build tomorrow.


(1)What is future: is every second that will count after the present second, in simple language every second is a future. We should never dream of it because we will live in the future forever, but we should create it.

(2)We as multipliers are not trying to choose or build the future for you, we are helping you to build the future for yourself and help others build theirs. People just wait and say that what will come, and must come, shall come well, the question is what’s that?

(3)We don’t just sit and hope for tomorrow to have a brighter day. We work for that day to come brighter that today. We were also taught to build our future and now it’s about time we do the same with others.


We are products of the past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it. When all is lost, the future is still there. Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow is the future but today is a gift. Hats why it’s called the present.


My name is LESEGO ARNOLD SELEMELA and I’m 17 years old.

I am in grade 11 at RIBANE-LAKA HIGH SCHOOL and my subjects are:

Physical Sciences
Life Sciences

I am a multiplier at bridging gaps youth exchange and supervisor in training at bridges camp, and a facilitator support. My duty is to help the facilitators grow and stay ready at all times and motivated,I help them with their challenges.I like this position because I’m a person who likes to motivate others and many participants write letters about how much they enjoyed their time with me.

My hobbies are playing football,chess,listening to music and making jokes.I would like to learn more about using internet and computer stuff and DJ.I’m always available on whatsApp, Facebook and Messenger.

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