We are very happy to be able to organize a youth exchange this year as well.
Once again, as a young association, we have set ourselves the goal of opening up young people to new perspectives, encouraging them to fight against racism and overcome prejudices.

To this end, the project is building on this year’s international exchange of young people of the same age, which is supported by the regional groups of the association in South Africa and in Germany.

The project runs from October 2018 to June 2019 and includes a two-week stay in South Africa after Christmas 2018 and in Germany at Easter 2019.
The meeting phases are mostly on vacation, so that the young people have to get free for about seven school days. The supporting program consists of three weekends each and daily workshops during the preparatory, intermediate and follow-up phases that will take place in Freiburg.

In the project, the young people will learn from each other and in practical exercises and discussion groups will be invited to represent their different opinions and positions.

For the exchange, we applied for funding from Engagement Global GmbH on behalf of BMZ.
The application for this year’s youth exchange is still possible until mid-August.