Our regional group Konstanz was founded in winter term 2015/2016. In the past, we organised a variety of events and activities at the two universities in Konstanz and at different public institutions to encourage people to think about racism and social injustices. We showed our documentary “Schenkt uns Gehör” at the universities as well as in the city of Konstanz. Especially the screening of the documentary at the university of Konstanz should be mentioned where two of the protagonists took part as guests in a discussion panel.

Besides public events, where we focus on awareness creation and sensitisation concerning racism in Konstanz, we put special emphasis on exchange among each other and our raising of consciousness. During group meetings, we talk about own experiences, interesting materials and events or hold small presentations and inputs on the topic. As we wanted to deal more intensively with everyday racism and our own position in our society, we conceptualized and conducted a critical whiteness workshop. Based on that workshop, we executed a photo exhibition called “Where are you really from? (In-)visibility. Everyday racism in Germany”. It was already exhibited at the universities in Konstanz and in the local city office of the city of Konstanz. In 2017 we plan to get the exhibition “Sichtwechsel – Stadtbilder aus Afrika” to come to Konstanz. In this context, we want to deal with stereotyped pictures of Africa.

We cooperate with the Office for Equal Opportunity and Family Affairs of the University of Konstanz, the Office of Equality and Diversity of the HTWG Konstanz and the city of Konstanz, especially the department of integration, for our projects. One results of that collaboration was a public reading in Konstanz with Anne Chebu, the author of the book “Anleitung zum Schwarzsein”. Besides our content-based work, we support the Bridges Camps in South Africa through fundraising activities as waffle selling events at the university of Konstanz.

We are always open for new members who are interested in our work and would like to support us with our projects and contribute with new ideas. If you would like to join or regional group, contact us via email at konstanz@bridginggapsev.com.