Did we inspire you with our work? Then you can support our association in different ways: We are always happy to receive donations that help us to realize our projects. You can also make a specific contribution to a project of your choice in Germany and South Africa.

Thank you so much for your support!

Bridging Gaps is recognized as a charitable non-profit organization. You can deduct your donation from your taxes in Germany and automatically receive a donation certificate from us!

We are more than happy about any support.

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We are a registered non-profit organisation in Germany, so your donation is tax deductible. Please contact finanzen@bridginggapsev.com so that we can issue a certificate for you.

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From a donation of 10 € we can buy the craft materials for a Bridges Camp.

At the camps the teenagers can become creative and we try not to limit their inspiration. We use art therapy exercises that give young people a way to express their thoughts and feelings. The teenagers really love their self-painted plaster masks:

“WMaxime Bridges Campell the mask activity is a great activity.  I think it brightens up the teenager’s sense of life and is a real adventure. I think it’s an important task because it teaches a lesson, namely that it doesn’t matter what you are like on the outside because it is the inside that counts. And everyone is wearing a mask but it’s time to take of your mask and show the world your face.” – Maxime

A donation of 25 € is sufficient to organize a one-day computer workshop for 20 young people.

Together with the German School in Pretoria and SAP, we are organizing regular computer workshops to support the young people with their education and guide them on their path to personal development. We have trained 10 youngsters as official “computer facilitators”, who are now teaching younger students how a computer works and how to write their first lines of codes.

“The programs we bring to the children have a huge impact, especially for those with fewer privileges, who do not have access to a computer. If we could organise even more workshops, then we could make a big difference in their lives. ” – Kerschia

A donation of 50 € allows a young person to participate in a Bridges Camp.

Brides Camp, a six-day camp, brings together young people from different backgrounds in order to overcome their prejudices through contact, to develop an awareness of racism and injustice, and to take a strong stand against it. Unfortunately, young people can’t afford to participate in the camp itself, since they all come from disadvantaged areas. With your donation, you create a place for another participant at the next Bridges Camp.

Tebogo Bridges Camp“On this endless path called life, I came across Bridges Camp, where I met wonderful people. My week at the camp was nice and I had a lot of fun. We have learned to respect others and ourselves. We have also learned to cooperate with people from all groups to create a beautiful South Africa, where we take care of each other and welcome each other. ” – Tebogo

With a donation of € 100, they can accompany one of the youths on the way to become a multiplier.

One special aspect of the camp is that a few teenagers are selected at each camp to become facilitators at the next camp. After an intensive preparation training, they have a chance to teach the new participants and take responsibility for the games as well as the overall organisation of the camp. This approach encourages young people to think critically about societal structures and ultimately aims at supporting future leaders to create social change.

Gontse Bridges Camp“When I came to Bridges Camp as a participant, I was very shy, but Bridges Camp helped me to grow as a person, to become more self-assured, and I learned not to judge others or to generalize the people around me. I was selected as one of the facilitators and I became more confident when I spoke in front of others. I challenge myself to be successful. I’d say today I’m a better person. ” – Gontse

With a donation you can also support our work in Germany.

You also have the opportunity to support the work of our organisation in Germany. To organise  events, such as film screenings and panel discussions, we have to cover various costs, such as fees for speakers, travel expenses and so forth. In order to carry out high-quality events and to create platforms, where people can exchange ideas, we depend on financial support and are therefore more than grateful about your donation. We are currently working on concepts for our engagement with teenagers in Germany. With a donation for our youth work in Germany, you help us to realize our ideas and to carry out antiracist workshops in schools.