Work with teenagers in Germany

In the nearer future we also would like to work with teenagers in Germany to win them as multipliers for reaching our goals.

In our future projects we would like to discuss with young Germans about injustices, prejudices and racism, which structures our society . The exchange should aim at awareness creation and sensitization among teenagers. Similarly to our work with teenagers in South Africa, we want to work with an individual approach: We would like to encourage the teenagers to critically reflect the existing power structures in our society. Furthermore, our goal is  to enable the youngsters to acknowledge current problems and challenges on a national, but also on a global level.

At the moment we are intensively planning and conceptualizing different project ideas to work with teenagers in Germany. One of our ideas is to conduct workshops at schools and to  critically discuss topics like for example racism and social injustices. Another idea on a long-term basis is to realize projects with teenagera which are lasting several days.